I think im in love with both of my best friends!

I have two best friends 1 boy 1 girl I dont think im bisexual but I really like this girl but I also like the boy were all best friends and I dont want to ruin things by tellinng them how I feel . I really dont no what to do so any help would be appreciated
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Asked Feb 09, 2011
If you feel it will, "ruin things by telling them," the answer is simple, don't tell them.
Answered Feb 09, 2011
I disagree, I am in love with my friend and I'm bi. I haven't told her yet but I think it would hurt you too much if you never told them. How many years have you got left of school (how long would you have to be in the same school as them)? My advice would be to tell the one you feel the most strongly about first. If he/she rejected you I wouldn't ask the other one out straight away. I'd wait quite a while. Also, don't think of the second person as the 'rebound'. I think it will be easier to tell the one who is of the opposite sex but you don't have to pick the easier option. Pick the one you like the most and ask them first. Hope that helps, I am unexperienced but this is what I'd do :)
Answered Feb 11, 2011
And also I think you do not speak out after all the most precious friendship is the most not decay either love or what minimal a you nothing I suggest you still protect this precious friendship long live our friendship :)
Answered Feb 12, 2011

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