How am I supposed to kiss like this?

So.. my boyfriend caught me off guard today when he kissed me. & the first time it happened, I was thinking whoah. & then when he stopped he asked what was wrong & I told him nothing he had just caught me off guard. The second time it happened, he asked if this was catching me off guard & I smiled & said no. But when he kisses, he jumps right into it & just does the whole shebang in like 10 seconds! Like tongue & all. Well, I'm not an expert at that, but how can I* kiss back like that when it's so sudden & short? Tips, ideas, whatever will be appreciated. Thanks. (:
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Asked Feb 08, 2011
Tell him all the other guys you kiss allow you to participate too. :-)
Answered Feb 08, 2011
Please just try to be patient with him. He probably is just really excited to be with you and he's too eager to kiss you. If you show him what to do he will get it. This means if you go to him and say you've been wanting to try something out with kissing him he will be more on board than anything else. I know this seems hard to do, but you have to do it. When you start kissing him the way you like to, he will see that it makes you more into it. The more you practice something the better it gets.
Oh, and please don't tell him or mention to him anything about other guys kissing you. Even though I'm a woman, I know that no man - or woman - wants to hear from his or her honey that someone else can do it better than you.
Answered Feb 10, 2011

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