How does the reputation score work?

When I started to answer questions on 2/4/11, I was just bored, and I found the site looking at stuff for RuneScape. I answered some questions to the best of my ability after making an account with the same name as my RuneScape name (I figured they must've been connected somehow), and then I got some points of some sort. Reputation things. I wondered how this is, and how I can find out what or where they came from?
Asked Feb 06, 2011
Posted by Ryan, the site founder in 2009: is a reputation based community. You can gain reputation scores by asking quality questions (clear and useful) and posting helpful answers. When other users vote your question or answer up, you will receive 5 points of reputation, but when they vote it down, you'll lose 2 points. If your post gets removed by the moderator/reputable users, you'll lose 20 points.
Answered Feb 06, 2011
So I voted your answer positive. This means you gain 5 reputation points?

And I also voted it "best answer", so do you gain anything from this?
That is correct about the five points. I've never seen anything about "best answer" on this site. When I click the up button it just adds a "1."
Rob Feb 06, 2011
I believe what he means is the check below the arrows. If the person that asked the question clicks that then person who answered gains 15 points.
Thanks. Learn something new every day.
Rob Feb 07, 2011
Rob how do you know all of this
Alexa Feb 19, 2011
I want to vote up for some good answers but due to my null reputation score, I am not able to do anything though, posting answers are allowed. How can I improve my reputation score here? Please help me out with this!
Answered Aug 01, 2019

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