Should I feel guilty?

i mean im a virgin. all ive done is kissed a guy. and ive sexted but this one guy had a gf n he didnt tell me and I developed feelings for him and we still continued wat we were doing and I felt bad but it was hard not to cuz he made me happy. n then a couple days later he told me he dumped his gf and I was like what and he asked me out and I said no. and he was like I didnt dump fuck u. n he keeps txtin me now tht he is single asking for pics and stuff. n I wana know shld I feel quilty for what I did.
Asked Jan 25, 2011
hey dear dont feel guilty for what he did
He did that because he is so
and also leave him no matter how much you love him cause he will leave you when he meet some other good looking one.Leave him .dump him and show him how others feel when they are dumped.Then may be ur guilt will go and also he will understand how others feel.
Answered Jan 26, 2011
i dont love him. I like him n we rnt dating. but thanks I try to ignore him but hes still a friend.

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