My friends neighbors tried to gang rape her, but she doesnt want me to tell

my friends neighbors pulled her into some bushes, and were going to rape and beat her up. they kicked nd punched her alot, so she has big bruises on her middle. luckily she got away, but she see's them outside sometimes. she only told me and one other person, and she doesn't want us to tell anyone, idk why. me and the other person both wanna tell the cops, but she doesn't want us to. finally, we got her to agree that if anything like it happens again, well take it to the police. i'm worried that if it happens again it will be too late. what should I do?

additional info is that we're in 10th grade, nd her parents are divorced, and she lives with her little sister (7th grader) and her mom
Asked Jan 25, 2011
Edited Jan 25, 2011
There is a reason why she is unwilling to report them.

If it's fear of retribution, the chance of them seriously harming her increases if she tells than if she doesn't. If she tells, she needs an adult male to stand with her and give the thugs something to lose if they should retaliate. You can't expect a young girl to stand up against them alone.

Although doubtful, I wouldn't rule out the possibility that she had some involvement that she doesn't want to come out if the police get involved. Make sure she understands that there is nothing she could have said or done that the police would consider justification for what they did.

While they surely need to be prosecuted, from her perspective it's not as simple as making a phone call. This is another example of the rights of criminals far outweighing the rights of the public. She may get a prosecution but she won't get any protection.
Answered Jan 26, 2011
Tell the police!!! This is a serious offense and you have to tell them. Does she not want u to tell anyone because she doesnt want them to get her back for reporting them? or wat? just please tell the police and they will handle it properly. U cant let ur friend just sit there with bruises on her when u kno wat happened. Please tell the police. Im begging u :(
Answered Jan 25, 2011
You really should report them. Think about it if they see her with her little sister than they could attempt to rape her and her sister. If this group of guys aren't stopped soon they could decide to kill her.
Answered Jan 26, 2011
as per ur note m realy feelng bad for that very frnd of urs . She mentaly went through a lot in the maner what hapnd with her . If I were at ur place I wud ve told the police about all of it . Nd wid standng by the very girl . 08146128639 m indian . Any help u need or suggestion let me knw . K . Nd convince her to tel it to her mom about it in this way she could save her sister . From any such mishapning in future . M sory nd m wid u nd ur frnd . I support u .
Answered Jan 28, 2011
well , I totally get where you're coming from . ive seen it happen lots of places . I totally agree with Rob (dang it , Rob , stop that !) , she needs some kind of defense against them . so , tell her to sign up for kick boxing or karate . or like what rob said , get an adult along with her , and if it helps have the cops on speed dial .

i really hope this works out for her , because any number of things could go wrong if she actually gets raped . pregnancy , contracting an STD , many bruises or something close , or just being scarred for life .

let her know that you're there for her and that you'll be by her side through the whole thing . (and even take kick boxing classes with her for extra defense ) (;
Answered Jul 22, 2011
if the other person isnt her mom then u have to tell her first then her mom will decide on what to do, but if the mom decides not to,then hang with ur friend and when she goes outside(this is risky)dial 9-1-1 and when her neighboors come out get ready to press "talk".
Answered Oct 30, 2011
go to the police that's horrible, better safe than sorry
Answered Jul 19, 2013

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