Need help on how to tell my family friends and others im bi

Hey im a 13 yr old bi girl who wants 2 come out of the closet but doesnt knw how to any help WORLD
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Asked Jan 25, 2011
I fucking HATE these kinds uf posts!!! Why do people have to "come out" as bi or gay but NO ONE has to "come out" as straight?!?!?!? As if gay or bi is out uf it or wrong.. like wanting to fuck a girl isnt natural??? If a girll can like a boy why cant a boy like a boy? If a boy can like a girl why cant I like a girl??? I fucking hate prejiduce!!! >:PP
Answered Jul 05, 2011
Edited Jul 05, 2011
My suggestion would be to ask yourself why that's necessary at 13 years old. What are you trying to accomplish? If you wait until you're older many of the people around you will develop suspicions over time and be ready to accept the idea. Just drop some vague hints that may make them consider it and by the time you're ready for the formal announcement it won't be such a shock to them.
Answered Jan 25, 2011
look if she wants to be bi sshe can be. I am she doesnt hav to wait, and im 13
me0624 Feb 23, 2011
My question wasn't about being "bi," it's asking why it's necessary for anybody to make a public announcement about their sexuality at any age, let alone at 13.
Rob Mar 27, 2011
Hey its not that hard. If ur friends and family love u then they wont care wat sex u like :) just start out by telling ur closest friends then ur siblings if u have any and finally ur parents. It'll will take some time but its worth it in the end. It will feel good once u kno that u dont have to hide ur feelings. ;) Everything will be fine and u have nothing to worry about. Good luck!
Answered Jan 25, 2011
well u could tell them at dinner time. I did and they werent shock. do wat u think is rite
Answered Feb 23, 2011
If you're family and friends love you, I doubt they'd care if you are. Yet, I haven't told my family and my best friend, so I don't know how much help I am. But I hope it all goes well.
Answered Mar 26, 2011
I'm 14 and bi and I tell them straight up. I usually lead the conversation toward some one gay on a show and my line to say is usually, " I can act gay all I want since I'm bi." then they act normally and respect you. But say it casually so it doesn't seem like ur a faker and saying it for attention. I hate those peeps!
Answered Oct 27, 2012
Tell them when there eating they will and they will puke and when there done cleaning the puke the wont even remember :)
Answered Feb 18, 2013
Isn't 13 too soon to know? Anyway just tell them, any way you tell them is fine as long as they understand.
Answered Apr 04, 2013
Umm So is 13 to know if your straight?!?!?! Wtf kinda question is that! People can know that they are gay/bi/lex at 5 or at 45! Like really! I really don't know you but sure as hell already don't like you!!!
And likewise, people can NOT know their sexuality at 5 or 45. So what's your point? Why not post your own answer instead of whine about what someone else has put up?
Rob Aug 05, 2013
I agree with Rob. Why is this a priority now? However, if you want to tell them, just do it. They should love you no matter what, because it makes you happy.
Answered Aug 10, 2013

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