Password reset alternative email in my windows live account

hello! I need your kind help in my windows live account. my account is a formal one. I want to remove the alternative email which is my x-boyfriend's one. I tried to do so but they told that they have sent him an email for confirming this step. I know him well, he is not nice enough to let me live in peace, so he will try to change everything so I can no more access my account. is there anyway to be faster than him and get my email password reset information back without his email address as alternative email????? I will be too glad to get your answer.
thanks in advance for your cooperation,
Asked Jan 23, 2011
The problem is that Windows Live is controlled at the server, not on your machine. In that case, they're in control. The fastest and best way would be to delete or leave dormant the account and open a new one using a password only known to you.
Answered Jan 23, 2011
i removed the account, but eventhough the account could be accessible after around 270 days. so he still can reset my password and send emails signed with my name. if you dont have a total solution to my problem, can you link me to an official assistant in windows live messenger office? I am very thankful for you kind cooperation.
The link below has a button for "Accounts and Passwords" but it's not enabled on my machine probably because I don't have any of their stuff installed.
Rob Jan 24, 2011

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