My best friend Jamie likes me!

We were in French classes and Jordan sit's behind me and my friend olivia behind me too, Amy next to me and Diana infront of me so I'm like quiet lucky to have my friends and my crush near me but I told Jamie my friend to sit next to Diana because one of Jordan's friend called Gurpreet wasn't in so he sat next to Diana. So we were talking and having fun and then I asked Jamie who he like and I told him that I would tell him who I liked and he wouldn't tell me so Amy asked him and he told her he liked me but Amy's a big mouth so she shouted it out and I found out so I told him that I like Jordan and he looked disappointed but now everytime he wants to talk to me or hug me to say hi I feel very distracted or I don't feel comfortable just because I know he likes me and I don't want him to hug him anymore but I also don't want to hurt his feelings! What should I do?
Asked Jan 21, 2011
ask her out
Answered Jan 24, 2011
its a boy
Ask him dah is he ugly or Somthin if not ask him out dah
Answered Aug 25, 2012

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