Im a girl Im pretty sure Im bi I like my best friend We flirt alot But idk if its serious helpppp

We`re best friends. four yrs now. she was my first kiss. we flirt all the time but I dunno if shes playing around I asked her about it and she said `ìm not gonna lie I want you` but idk if she was kidding. she hooked up with my other friend. theyve known each othr longer. but shes always touchin me and making me touch her. we hold hands and today she tried kissin me in school. her boyfriend knows shes bi. ugh I love her so much. what do I do??
Asked Jan 14, 2011
tail her too kiss yu if she says no or if she lafes she is serous
dude fresking kiss her already she tryed to kiss you fucking kiss her and tell me how it worked out.
I would say go for it if you have the same feelings for her.
Answered Jan 15, 2011
but I dont know if shes we play around alot. she always tells me im sexy but we mess around alot. ive done more with her sister than with her. plus she would be my first hook up and my first girl friend. she makes me feel good. and im not the prettiest thing around. im a nerd and shes cool. and she accepts me and we have alot of history.
Sounds to me that you have really strong feelings for her. She does have a boyfriend so i'm not to sure what to do about that. But, this will sound really corny, but do what your heart feels.
i do:) this girl is like everything to me. and everytime shes with another girl thats bi...i worry. I feel like shes cheating. im confused cuz ive never admitted to another girl that I like her. and I dont know if her bf will be ok with it cuz he knows she is bi. or if she will wait until they break up. they just started dating. and she has a hard time stayin with guys cuz of her last bf. and she has known her recent bf since she was a little kid. so *sigh* I dont know im kind of scared
Don't be scared everything works out in the end :). I'm kinda new to giving advice to a girl thats bi although I could ask my sister since she is. From what I understand it seems like you may be falling for her. I'm going to guess that you are around 16 because of your username. Try not to get too attached because at the age you are now your heart will change and you may meet someone different in a very short amount of time.
well ive been reading ur advice and ur pretty. good. and we've been friends since 7th grade. and im a sophomore in hs now. and yea abt. but 16 is for the date of my birth. and shes pretty attached to me. we have faught so many times like at least once a week. and my mom hates her but she still loves me after everything. and im not the best lookin. im not skinny but im not fat. and im smart and nerdy and I have glasses. ive only had one bf. so yea. and im not really accepted in school. so I dont think im gonna find someone new bc I hate most of the girls in my school lmao. they are too prissy for me. I like the more laid back girls.
I agreee go for it!!! Any girl would be lucky to have such a loving and caring person like you <3
Answered Jan 15, 2011
thanks but she has a boyfriend sooo ya
anything can happen hun and dont ever downgrade urself .
Answered Jan 17, 2011
thats so hard for me not to do :/ but thankss:)
Well, I would say that she likes you... unless she does that to everyone else, then maybe you're just everyone else, but I doubt it. Anyway, maybe sometime when you're alone with her start talking to her about this stuff. Tell her you like her, and say it seriously, not played into a joke. Basically, get her to choose cuz she can't have both you and her boyfriend. That's not fair to him or you. I know that takes a lot of balls, but try it out. Good luck!
Answered Jan 18, 2011
well thing is my mom hates her and wont let me see her but we always manage to see each other. and she still accepts me. she doesnt do it to everyone. so we are never really alone....i told her I like someone and she asked if it was her and I pretended I was asleep and just ignored it....well shes not really interested in her bf. she tried giving him a chance but she didnt like it. ill try it soon....hopefully.
well it means something, that she has asked if it is her. Do you think she might know about your feelings? If not, then she is kind of into you, asking if she is the one you like. ;) if you don't have the guts to talk with her about it, you could just kiss her sometime when you are alone or do something more unusual as affection (that you don't do otherwise).
well she was guessin all our guy friends and she said her bf and I was like no but ur close. we havent kissed in months. I really do love her. we flirt but idk if its a joke. I made her sad. she said I love u. and I said dont say that and she said why? :( but I do. and I said just...dont. cuz I told her I have to tell her something important. and I dont want her to say it if it isnt the way I want it. tonight she is sleeping over my friends house. aand they hook up when their together and it upsets me to think about that.
Well, it's been like a month, but if you're still having this problem, you should just tell her how you feel because if you don't youll regret it later, I guarantee you that. Yep, so hopefully you've made progress. good luck!
mzpsych Feb 27, 2011
no progress I gave up on here:/
Omg! I'm having almost the same problems with this girl too! She also has a bf, but we flirt n everything, and we both like each other. I'm also confused about our relationship... She also flirts w/ other girls a lot. What I would do (I'm really shy, so idk how much this will help...) is talk to her. Basically just sit down, and ask her. I've found out that talking really helps, believe me. Ask her straight. N if she does like u, u'll know. I hope it works out 4 u. xoxo.
Answered Jan 22, 2011
well im shy too. yet I told her. I was so scared. still am even tho she rejected me. she will still be my best friend. I say go for it.
I know how u feel. But I'll try to talk to her about my feelings n stuff. <3
keep me posted on what happens:)
Sure thing ^^ she spent the night w/ me a few nights ago and we kissed about 3 times. We both wanna go out, but she's like, I don't wanna ruin our friendship, ya know?
yea but it won't two of my girl friends r best friends and they get together like every five months n they still bffs
Ask her out! I'm pretty sure she likes you! No doubt!
Answered Feb 17, 2011
I did awhile ago but she said no
You are not bi.
It is very common for both sexes to have crushes on close friends.
Because you share so much intimate emotion and conversation, you can feel like translating that into physical love.
However, when you get a little older, you will meet people of the opposite sex, who fulfil these deep needs and the plan for family.
Love your mate , but believe for a lovely husband. They really do exist, if you keep your standards high and are patient.
Hope this unusual opinion sheds some light for you.
Answered Feb 17, 2011
Dude you cant be saying anything about your religion toward her. Its how she feels and its not going to change. It does happen. Im in Total love with this one girl and I dont want a future husband I want her. So your no help if your going against what she is saying..
Who do you think you are, seriously, who are you to tell anybody what sexuality they are? Sexuality does not define a whole person, it is a minute section of onesself. I am a good person and I would purposley go out of my way to help someone and I am bisexual, I don't want a husband/wife/girlfriend or boyfriend. Stop giving answers like this they can easily offend people and they really do not help! I am very sorry if I have offended you or anyone else.
thank u guys and theyr right sexual orientation doesn't define u. I like ggirls and I like guys. I plan on marrying a man someday but I connect with her in a better way than I do with guuys
There is nothin wrong with being bi... if u don't wanna help answer her question, then don't post.
dude I should slap you she and everyone on her has a right to be bi I know not everyone is bi but still.dude religane has nothing to do bout who u care about!shet I love my best friend and we flirt too and damn we hug alot more then I do to my other friends!(ima bout to slap you dude!) just dont you dare post anymore you arent helping!
Well sounds to me like there is something there! You just need to ask her straight up, how does she feel about you or ask her about the whole situation. If you're close enough to kiss etc... then talking about it to her should'nt be a problem. I'm kinda in the same situation at the moment so I'm probably not the best at giving advice on this one when I can't even help myself, ha!
Answered Feb 23, 2011
ha I attempted and she said no vbut I say go for it:)
have yu ever felt a frade too tail any one yo secret
Answered Mar 22, 2011
Hola chicka! The girl sayd she wants you! What else needs to be sayd?!! Shes ur first kiss! Ur not ugly! U've got a great personality! I say GO FOR IT!!! Get her to come to ur house or go to hers and just make out nd let chiz happen! So wut if she got a BF! If shes all over u like u say den she prob aint happy wif him! and as long as he aint no abusive type niqqa den u aint gotta worry about hm hurtin u becuz u cud get his girl... go get ur self sum pussy mijah!! WOO!! good luck!! XXDD
Answered Jul 05, 2011
I know how you feel. Trust me. I dont think I like girls, but I'm not sure. Its just something about my best friend that I'm attracted to. We do everything together. I have a really good time when I'm around her. We don't flirt, but we laugh, text each other non stop (in her iphone I'm her 'Sexy Best Friend' and vise versa), and we sit and stand really close to each other. I know that she is as straight as a wall, but she always does these things that could be considered sexual and I know she doesn't even know it. If I grab her hand or joke around and put my arm around her she always says 'I don't play for that team'. I know she wouldn't judge me if I told her I may like girls (and I still like guys too), but if I told her how about felt about her, as more than just her 'Sexy Best Friend' things would be awkward. I don't want to lose her.
Answered Nov 19, 2011
Help me!!!!!! Im in love with my bff and in bed I finger my vagina and grind something...pretending that its my bff. I love her and just want her man! Like sooooooooooooooo ba
d!!!! I love her!!! Not some little feelings or anything! I love her! Okayyy soooo I couldnt control myself today at school...we were outside sitting on the grass, I just wanted to lean in kiss her and I was about to take my shit and pants off and say"will u join me?" But I didnt want any1 to ee...
Ee* I meant "see" us/me. So I didnt and just said...will u go out with me and she said yes...then she said waaiiitttttt for real??????!!! And I was like yeahh:) then she said ok! And laughed. Soo yea.
So during school I kept calling her my partner but kinda sarcastically. OMG JUST WRITTING THIS NOW MAKES ME WANNA FUCK HER UP!!! DAMN I LOVE HER! I WANT HER! HER BODY! HER VAGINA! HER EVERYTHING!!!!! .....sorry bout in love! Okay soo uhh yea and then she just kept I dont really think she knows thay I love her/like her. Anyways she gave me a highfive and then I kissed my hand and put it on her lipps and she just kinda smiled and laughed again. But I reeeaaalllyyy want her! Im afraid she will reject me and tell everyone what I say and trrryyyyyyy to do... I think shes just straight and wants to just be bffs...but I want more!!!!!! How can I tell her that I actually like her and want to kiss and stuff.? Help l!
And we both stayed after school and we walked down to her house....her mom is gone in florida for 2 weeks and my mom was picking me up at 4:30. Soo when we got to her house I said lets just lay down for we were laying in her bed and I just couldnt control myself and I quietly took my pants and underware off and put my leg over her. She turned around and saw I ad no pants or anything on down there and gently started rubbing my vagina. I grabbed her and stripped her naked and started grinding and humping her. She went her moms room and got a wooden stick thing and shoved it up my vagina. I screamed and gizzy stugg came out all over the bed and she licked it...then I sat on her and licked her vagina dry...literally! And she pead in the bed. She has iner nipples so they have holes I guess u can say. Soo I was pick and they were all red.
I had these experience before when I was in my last year of high school and she was also my bestfriend..I've been loving her for 1 and a half year...Sometimes I also felt she feels the same..And because of my country being conservative and only a few of them accept us here, we cannot just simply revealed our true sexuality, the reason why i've been a scaredy cat and nothing happened...And I regretted it..I'm from Philippines by the way...Now she has a boyfriend for almost two years and currently working in the U.S.
Answered Mar 03, 2012
Can u plzzz help me!!!!??? I wrote something below....
Im "catfishme16_" plzzz answer!!!
Dude im in love with my bff!!!! I asked her out today and she said yeahh...then she said wait for real?? And I was yeah:) and she laughed and said ok! Soo I guess we r bi now...i have no prob/ with that. But im not sure if she actally likes me bcuz I asked her and she ....ya I already told ya. But yaaaaa.... I really do love her! I watch lesbian porn and all that stuff. And I kept telling myself that I was gunna try to get her. Soo now that we r dating I wanna get serious...not like sex! Like kiss/makeout sleep together (clothes on) and sit on eachothers laps hold hands...stuff like that. But how do I tell her I actually love her and I wasnt joking when I asked her out...and that I wanna get serious...or at least kiss..........Plzzzz HELP!!!
Answered Mar 19, 2012
Well tell her how you feel.first say I really want to go out with you and all that other stuff what ever way it feels comfortable I mean u guys already did it jst tell her ur true feelings <3 kk how it all works out :)
Answered Mar 26, 2012
Hope lol srry

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Hey don't worry Bc I'm doing the same here but I think she don't like me back who I like and I really like her but I don't know what to do how to ask her out
Same time I cry about her.
Answered Oct 11, 2015
Edited Oct 11, 2015
Oh honey shes straight forsure... You fell for a straight girls trickery... See flirting is their way of saying "OMGGGGG KAREN GURLLL ME & HER ARE BESTIESSS! WE CAN EVEN FLIRT WITHOUT IT BEING UNCOMFORTABLE WE SO CLOOOOSE!"
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