Why does my ex star in my dreams?

I have been dreaming about my ex alot lately, we are still friends and talk often. The dreams are always different, but we are always in strange places. And it always somehow involves us getting back together and he is always kissing me. I wake up unset and missing him terribly.
Can anyone help please.... This is driving me crazy.
Asked Jan 10, 2011
I doubt anybpdy here can help you change what you're dreaming. You're ex might be the one who can help. This sounds like the point in the movie where the music picks up the theme song and the two people are running through the tall grass toward each other with outstretched arms.
Answered Jan 10, 2011
I have been divorced for five years. Any time my ex starts communication with me again, via email or text, I wind up dreaming of him. While the dreams are great and we are getting along so well in them, I wake up crying. My suggestion would be to cut all ties with the ex. It's obvious you still care for him and having contact with him is wasting your life and hurting you. It is impossible for an ex to be a friend unless there has been a lot of distance and a lot of time has passed. Stop fooling yourself by saying you are still friends. You are still in his life because you want more and your dreams are proof of that. You deserve better, move on.
Answered Feb 04, 2011
it happens to me too, I don't talk to her for many months now, but many times I still dream of her. I guess I still miss her, because she wasn't a bad person, and she still have feelings for her. I'm with someone else now and many times I feel guilty when I have this dreams and during the day I'm thinking about my ex (because the dream was so real). There is nothing we can do, we cannot control what we dream.... hopefully time will help...
Answered Nov 05, 2011
meaning of dreams

kissing someone you don't like probably means you are feeling betrayed

kissing a stranger may mean you are feeling a desire to know more about yourself

being kissed against your will may mean you may feel that someone is pushing there ideas in you

kissing a friends boyfriend or girlfriend may mean your feeling a desire to be in a relation ship.

hope this hope and plz check out my question and answer.
Answered Nov 02, 2013

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