Im a girl and my girl who is a friend says she LOVES me

ok well my friend told me she loves me, I knew she liked me but im not like bi or lesbain. I aint a hater its just not my thing... well we have been friends for like a year or two and she developed a crush on me, now I guess she loves me.. I did my best to keep it distant and subtly make it clear im not really intrested in a girl girl think...... idk what to do I dnt wanna hurt her but at the same time I dont want things all awkward
Asked Jan 09, 2011
same thing happened to me stay positive talk to her ...dont be distant just tell her that you and her can only be friends ..or if you feel something then try it but just because she has a crush on you dont mean you have to change who you are so you wont hurt her feelings if shes ur real friend then she would understand that you just only wanna be friends..and nothing more too it..;)
Answered Jan 10, 2011
thx, ill try that-_- I hope it works, she been my friend for a while and I helped her threw some stuff..... I mean I understand when 2 ppl are close for a long time feelings can develope, I dnt think I feel anything for her.. I just cnt like see myself dating her or any girl really lol... I just dnt get how a girl is attracted to another girl :/ I guess im like just that straight lol... ill talk to her today if I cn :/
yo so what if she likes you it doesnt mean u have to just stay away from her!that is so rude!evan for someone that is strieght,ive never heard such to her about it atleats dont be all o im not gonna talk to u nomore cause u like/love me shet thats just a very poor friend!
Answered May 04, 2011
I've actually been the girl who loves my best friend, welll she decided not to change the way she acts with me, no I don't mean change her personality. She kept hugging me, talking about people she likes, all of that. It hurt, so I personally suggest you keep on friendly neutral topics, not involving anyone you like, and try doing the side buddy hugs not the full on glomps. I'm still friends with her, but we aren't exactly best friends, but it was WAY harder to get over someone you like when they are still hugging you, and all of that sort of stuff.
Answered Nov 10, 2012
Explain things to her as easy as possible and try to ask your mom for some advice
Look on other sources and see the results of what people have tried
I don't like Gays or Lebs :/
Answered Aug 17, 2013
You disgust me
Girl you are beautiful! tell her polietly that you aren't interested and you can only be her friend, hug her it might help her take it in :/
Answered Oct 18, 2013
Just politely tell her you don't feel the same way about her. You can still be friends though! You should be flattered that not only are you getting the guys, you're also picking up the girls. (;
Answered Dec 28, 2013

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