Where should the meter setting be on ohms meter

using a ohms meter. where should I put the range meter if i'm looking for o.oo4-o.oo8 readings. I don't know if it should be at 200k-20k 200 2000 what should I use.
Asked Dec 31, 2010
An ohmmeter will read the resistance on any scale but at the higher scales you can't get enough deflection to see it accurately on the indicator.

Start at the high end of the range and step the range down until the meter moves to the center or right side of the scale. Then look at the range on the meter that corresponds to the range switch setting. Where the dial sets is the resistance.

Make sure there's no voltage on the contact points first and that you zero your meter first.

Answered Jan 01, 2011
Flexible Current Probe or Flexible Current Probes is very handy to pass through cables or bunches of conductor wires up to a diameter of 170mm. The Clamp-On type Flex 3000 measures the current passing through the conductor. The output through 4mm banana pins can be connected to any Digital Multimeter in mV AC range to read the primary current up to 3000A AC. Switchboard Meter or Switchboard Meters instruments consist of a moving piece of ferromagnetic material, which is under influence of a current carrying fixed coil. Considering the quadratic nature of the deflecting torque, the scale of these instruments is non-linear.

Answered May 08, 2019

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