In Wisconsin is it legal for a 17 to move from the home from a parent?

I am 17 year's old and wondering, if I moved out of my home into another would I have to worry about the cops knocking on that persons door to charge them and arrest me?
Asked Dec 17, 2010
You can move out at 17 in Wisconsin with your parent's consent. Otherwise the law says you have to be 18. What would happen if you do it without their consent would depend on how much of an issue they made out of it. I'm sure the controlling factor would be their opinion of the person you would be living with.

Answered Dec 17, 2010
If you or the person you are staying with gets arrested for moving out... then you can fight for your rights, even if the law doesn't already give them to you.

If you are old enough to ask this question and ask about the law, you should be old enough to at least be able to consider other living arrangements.

The easiest to do would be ask your parents if you can move out. If they know that you are moving out they are less likely to call the police on you. If the reason that you are moving out is because they are violent and angry and would refuse to talk to you about this, then have a friend present when you bring up the issue.

They are less likely to respond negatively with another person there, and if they do, then you will have a witness.
Answered Dec 31, 2010
Edited Dec 31, 2010
i am 17 and is wandering the same thing my family situation is really messed up and im looking for help im lost and very confused I need to try to get emancipated if at all posible
Answered Feb 24, 2011
if im a foster child and I wanna move out out of my foster home is that legal or well the cops knock on my door?
Answered May 28, 2013
It is illegal to to run away if you are under the age of 18 and if the cops find you they will put you in handcuffs and take you home or jail.
Answered Jan 26, 2016

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