My eee pc 701sd WON'T POWER ON

I recently purchased a used notebook computer it came with a universal power adaptor cord it worked you just had to hold the cord to use or charge so I went & purchased a compatible power cord from best buy I called the company asus to see if plug was really compatible they said it was fine so I plugged it in when I did I heard a pop sound and since then it will not power on please help this is frustrating not knowing what to do or how to fix the problem.
Asked Dec 14, 2010
There are many reasons an electrical device can make a "pop" sound but it's seldom good news. Either you have a defective power supply, a power supply that's the wrong voltage or had a coincidental short in the computer at that time. My suspicion is that isn't the right power supply for your notebook. "Universal" is a dangerous word when talking about power supplies. It has to be the correct voltage and supply enough current to charge the battery and operate the device.

The adaptor should have on the label, 9.5 Volts 2.315Amps 24Watts

Please verify that's what's on the label.
Answered Dec 14, 2010
Edited Dec 14, 2010
it wasnt the universal one that made it pop it was a compatible one for asus thats the one that made that noise so I took plug back they said it was bearly putting out 5 volts so I ordered one online this is 9.5v 2.5a 24w & it still wont power on please help!
From the popping sound, my advice would be to either take it back to the place you bought it or to a repair person. If you're a gambler you can remove the battery and try again. I wouldn't do that unless someone has put a meter on the power supply to verify that it's putting out 9.5 volts. If it Is, with the battery out, if it does the same thing, there's something defective inside the computer.
Rob Dec 14, 2010
thank you rob for taking time out of your schedule & answer my questions. thankful & greatful have a merry christmas!

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