I like a girl but not sure what to do

ok so the girl I like moved here 1 year ago... and I really didnt notice her however about 2 months ago I started liking her for some reason...(really have no clue why) so anyways heres some info...
-i am in 4 of her classes(yeah got really lucky and btw im in middle school)
-i think she knows that I like her
-i am friends with 2 of her friends however I dont really know her too well
-she is not popular, usually quiet in class
-she likes to draw a lot and I assume she likes anime
-im not sure about this but I caught her looking at me a couple of times in class. maybe in was a coincidence idk.
OK so to sum it all up I am just having trouble on what to do since I dont really know her, even though im friends with 2 of her friends, it would seem weird or maybe stalkerish to randomly start talking to her. Also I have had a school dance with more to come... I thought about it but didnt decide yet. I now want to ask, but idk how. so anyways, I just want to know how to make her like me. sorry its so long
Asked Dec 13, 2010
go up to her and ask her anything you want... or ask a non-shy person or adult to introduce you.

Or ask them to teach you how to talk to strangers. Keep asking until someone helps you out!
Answered Dec 30, 2010
Edited Dec 30, 2010
start a convo about something u have in common, or complement her on her drawings, nd ask 2 see more, or maybe if ur bold ask her 2 draw a pic of u. b4 thinking about a relationship w/ her, become her friend
Answered Dec 13, 2010

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