Would this be considered cheating and a reason to leave my boyfriend

My ex sent me a picture of him on the couch and a girl in his lap on top of a pillow on his croch, one hand is on her shoulder the other is on the couch, His jacket is on a table with her purse on top of it. Would this be considered cheating? he has said its his friends only but I dont buy it especially seeing this picture, would this be reason to end a 4 year relationship? He says he didnt kiss her or have sex.
Asked Dec 11, 2010
The reason they call it cheating is it's done behind you back. This is like doing it in front of your face. I'd call that flaunting, not cheating.

Who took the photo and why was it sent to you? Unless he set the camera on a timer, someone else had to be there. That looks more like he was intentionally trying to upset you.

Try to understand why he would want to do that. Does he have a reason to want to make you jealous or try to get even for something?
Answered Dec 11, 2010
He was at a party and it was at a friends house the two guys are bout to sit and play video games and he is sitting with this girl in his lap. He is out of the country 2000km away, we have been in a relationship for 4 years and he loves me but hates me because I will not stay in his country with him, because I must take care of immigratin paperwork so that our future will be better and easier. He was trying to upset me and I dont know now what he is doing, my trust is gone, I dont know if this is considerd cheating it does raise a lot of suspicions and feelings of doubt so I broke up with him, he keeps trying to contact me but I wont forget this. I dont know if this is a forgiving problem?
While that is evidence that he's he's having a good time where he is, I wouldn't consider it cheating. You're right, it does raise suspicions. It is difficult enough to make relationships work when two people live together. With 2,000 miles separating you it takes two very very special people to keep the flame alive. He may not be able to do it.

You have a tough choice to make.
Rob Dec 12, 2010
YES YES YES>> This is consider cheating... DONT be a FOOL... You Know it is cheating.. Who cares if you been in this relationship for 4 long years... He got caught... END IT or You will End Up Regretting It, years down the road when he continues cheating on you... As you continue to make excuses for him. That what it sounds like right now. You have 100% proof right in front of you but your contemplating in your mind.. STop THAT Nonsence. Wake up to reality and Dump Him.. Believe me, you'll be over him in no time.. Dont ever tale him back either. There is alot of other men out there. The first step is always hard... Take that step for yourself, Be Strong..

Keep Me Posted.. Like to know what happens...
Answered Dec 13, 2010
if it upsets u enough and u feel like he betrayed u and u feel like what he did was cheating than u should have dumped him. if it makes u feel uncomfortable u made the right choice. but also let him explian because it could have been a joke but a cruel one so talk to him and see what he says itll workout grll
Answered Jan 14, 2011
Any time your significant other is doing something they would not do if you were standing right there not only is it wrong but they know it is and the fact he is your ex says NO it is not cheating as he is not with you and the picture was sent as a "see I ain't missin you at all!"
Take the hint and get a life. Why are you chasing someone that clearly has no regard for your feelings?
Answered Mar 24, 2011
like crunkitup16 said you do have to let him explain although I also agree with RYPWyld he has sent you this pic to say look what I am doing... if he can do this to you he clearly has no feelings for you and the fact that you dont trust him after one photo of a girl sitting on his lap should answer your question if you dont trut him move on just now before it gets more difficult xx
Answered Mar 29, 2011
Thats Cheatinq Dont Ever Trust A Boy With Another Girl He Will Always Do Somethinq Even If They Are At A Party!
Answered Sep 23, 2011

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Answered Aug 16, 2018
Seems like you want out anyway, so you're just here looking for an excuse. You don't need an excuse to leave him, just tell him whatever you like, thtput
Answered Mar 10, 2011

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