Being charged to view a website on my ipod touch

I browsing the Internet using my Ipod Touch at my house earlier (we have a router connected to our home computer), and clicked a link and was accidentally directed to a (vulgar) website. I noticed that at the top of the website, where the site name is usually displayed, it said something about "Use Mobile Version of this site $1". I had never seen that before.

Going on the website was a mistake... I didn't mean to land there, and I was on the site for no more than a couple of seconds... Will I be charged a dollar? Do you know of any websites that actually charge to use their mobile versions?

If I am charged $1, will the dollar be added onto my internet bill that I receive? Or would it show up on the credit card bill that I get with my Itunes charges on it?

Normally, I wouldn't be worried about a thing like this, I mean, it's only a dollar... But, I live with my parents, and I don't want them getting a dollar fee on their internet bill because of something pornographic.
Asked Dec 10, 2010
In order for them to charge you, they have to somehow access either your bank or charge card numbers unless ITunes has such a number. If they do, I'd reconsider removing it.

Explain what happened to your parents now, before the bill comes in. Anybody that has used the Internet should understand that it's full of junk like that.
Answered Dec 10, 2010

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