Help me I don't understand

There's this guy I've had a crush on for a while.
We've had a lot of confusion.
We both like to play games, I think.
he knows now that I like him.
i has my friend ask if he liked me and he
wouldn't say so I asked him if we could just stay away from each other because the situation was getting to weird for me and the next day at school, I would be walking in the hallway to look up and see him passing by he's staring at me like five times. like a checking me out type of stare. which is weird.
i can never tell how he feels.
a few weeks after I sent the "lets leave each other alone" message I got sick of hiding and I wrote a song, my friends saw it and they really liked it and they told me to give it too him. I really liked the idea at the time but now im not so sure. I gave it to him in a note. my friend handed it after school and he put it in his pocket.

he knows it was me who wrote it cuz my friend asked him and he let her know he knew it was me.

this situation has gotten crazy I still don't understand how he feels. one day he'll show interest the next he'll show none. I can never tell.

all I know is ive tried getting over him so many times but I keep running into him.

help me out? what do you think?
and I can explain more if you need.
Asked Dec 08, 2010
either he likes u nd is to shy to do anything about it or he is playing games with u. the only way to find out for sure is ask him urself, not through ur friends
Answered Dec 08, 2010

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