I think im falling in love with another girl.

Whenever she is around me, I feel like im about to go crazy. When she plays with my hair, touches me, (even if its the slightest touch) or whenever I think about her, I get a weird feeling in my stomach. I try to impress her when im around her. Everyday when im in the class I have before the one I have with her, even just thinking about getting to see her makes me really nervous and I cant stand it. When she walks in the door or class, or when I see her in the hallways, I cant help but stare. All I can think about is her <333 I would tell her about my feelings for her, but I dont know if she is bi like I am. Im afraid on how she might react. We are friends, but not best friends. So am I really in love with her? What should I do? Any ideas will help :)
Asked Dec 07, 2010
Being "in love" is a mutual thing between TWO people. So far there's only one of you involved. You don't have to do anything. Just spend some time with her and see what happens. Don't have to ask her directly, if you just discuss the subject generally you will learn how she feels about it.

Understand, it's not just what you want.
Answered Dec 07, 2010
Edited Dec 07, 2010
Thx ;)
before u tell her u like her, find out if she's bi. u don't wannna ruin a friendship cuz she doesn't swing both ways. if she's not, u can still be friends, even tho it will be hard. hopefully she is bi, nd then u can see where it goes from there
Answered Dec 07, 2010
I dont think she is bi soo... I guess im outta luck. :(
i have the same problem but never give up hope and keep talking 2 her it will work out xoxo
Answered Dec 08, 2010
Thx <3
ive jus got 2 say 1 thing. you are f****n hot
Sorry to say but I have to agree with chanel_swagga :)
Feel stupid now...... but what can you do???
ahah she is tho :D
Ty Both ^.~
i think u should just not be nervous and talk to her.it will all be fine.
Answered Dec 12, 2010
All I can say is that love sucks! At least when you lose it. I would say go for it. Don't let it pass. I messed up with my girlfriend and I regret every second of every day. Forever.
Answered Apr 08, 2011

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