Problem solving many dynamic objects in a pile?

We are having problems with 400 low poly boxes (50 faces each) as rigid bodies falling onto a floor object (passive rigid body) to pile up on top of each other.
After about 100 objects fall into the pile and become about five objects deep, the boxes start to get pushed through the floor by the force of the additional objects which fall on top.
We have tried increasing the divisions in the floor as well as placing several floors stacked close to each other but these have not helped.
Is there a setting which allows more passive rigid bodies to fall on top of each other?
Asked Dec 03, 2010
Sorry, I left my crystal ball at home today. By "setting" is this a computer program? Does "poly" mean polystyrene? What does "50 faces each" mean?
Answered Dec 03, 2010
Edited Dec 03, 2010
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