I wanna light his fire.but still save a bit.

I want to mess around with a guy friend but I wanna know how far we can take it without going all the way. I've replayed this scenario in my head so many times....

I walk into his house wearing a long jacket, I remove the jacket and reveal lace black lingerie escentuating my breasts and buttocks....I throw him down on the bed and proceed to give him oral sex....he comes in my mouth, he turns the favor. As he finishes I reapply my lipstick, spray on some more perfume and rub up against him letting him get a whiff of my fragrant hair and a slight graze of my breasts. For the rest of the night he can look at me in my lingerie, but no breast/buttocks will be exposed, and definetely NO TOUCHING! If I dont want to have intercourse with him, will he consider this teasing? Is he going to want to go further?

Im 22 and hes 23 btw.
Asked Nov 29, 2010
at the moment he will probably be satisfied, but in the future he will probably want more
Answered Nov 29, 2010
You may be wasting your time putting on your lingerie. That dude will be sleeping like a baby. :-)
Answered Nov 30, 2010
Yeah Rob, I was thinking the same. HAH! Either that or he'll get sick of that shit, get some of the perfume scent on him and get right home and beat-off in the shower. Then do the same to her next time! Lingerie and all!
Answered Nov 30, 2010
Edited Nov 30, 2010
You are being a tease, and playing with fire. Women have been know to be raped playing those games. As to giving in, only if you are engaged. Otherwise as soon as you give it up, he will move on. Are on birth control?
Answered Dec 24, 2010

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