Has anyone used help.com?

that site is occupying a good domain name and is a very malicious site that encourages quarrellings and really negative responses from insane people.
Asked Nov 24, 2010
Edited Nov 24, 2010
i checked it out, and most of the stuff seems fake cuz its so shocking/elaborate/unbelievable. there must be a couple ppl that do tho
Answered Nov 25, 2010
thanks for checking it out. great point about fakeness and elaboration. why would someone genuine go on and on. a lot of people use it and some really do need help but get insults and abuses instead.
Yeah I checked it out. Pretty much everything I read ends up in an argument. That site just proves how much more awesome Ehelp is :-).
Answered Nov 25, 2010
Thanks for checking and agreeing. It's nice to see someone can see the obvious. It seems to be made for arguments. Great answer :)
Isn't it amazing how much difference the "E" makes. :-)
Answered Nov 24, 2010
Lol I know right once I misspelled ehelp and well yea
Answered May 02, 2013

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