Why the hell is everyone so obbsessed with justin bieber?

okay everyone is all "OMG! im so in love with justin beiber"
Wat the fuck? like really you love him you dont kno him??
or them and there "OMG I totaly need justin biebers #"
uh lmao good luck feel free to post your watever opions this is just mine (:
Asked Nov 15, 2010
im, with yu one this one and justin bieber dont even know who ever likes him exest so thoes justin bieber bitches need to gone some were with that shit
Basically, everyone thinks he's talented and he knows it. He's gonna keep flaunting what he and everyone else thinks he has. Sooner or later, it's gonna boil over and we'll never hear from him again. :D
Answered Nov 16, 2010
Because girls think that he is hot and that he has a sexy voice. On the other hand, the guys believe that he is a man whore, and hasn't reached puberty yet, which I believe Lol.
Answered Nov 15, 2010
haha (: thats funny (:
no homo but he can sang..not saying im obbsessd with him..and damn I might with u tho gud looks.....
Answered Nov 17, 2010
hahaha justin bieber is a playa playa. I mean he has gud songs and all but yeah he isnt that guud loooking, girls that are obbsessed with him need to get a life :P
Answered Nov 18, 2010
lol @mzz_shine93 ,
thanks someone who agrees lol(: im so far liking the results of this question (:
I don't know - I think he's the pure shyts!
Answered Dec 17, 2010
ahah and yet I still dont get y (:
Where do you live really? Around me noone likes him, my whole, whole circle of acquaintances is joking around about him. so don't worry-it is not everybody who is crazy about him, hahaha. He is a bit pathetic with that voice and he is not even good looking - he is a little girlish sweetie. how old is he. 10? hahahahahah
Answered Jan 20, 2011

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