Which sucide method?

I feel that I'm being so desperate recently, can you suggest me an easy way to kill myself that is not very painful. plz make no jokes,I'm serious about this. thanks in advance.
Asked Nov 15, 2010
There is no "easy way."

The thing that keeps most people moving on is their fear of death. If you are to the point of considering suicide, your beyond that. Your only way now is up. Think of all the options that are now open for you. Anything you do now is better than where you will be if you do it. You can walk away. Give the world the finger and start a new life. What do you have to lose? It's all about how you look at it.
Answered Nov 15, 2010
i agree with rob there is no easy way thare is so much more in this world that is worth living for juss think logically mkay .
hope your days and weeks get better get some help its good for you (:
eat the heads off some gummy bears always helps mee eat some skittle (: get some better freinds out going happy ones (:
Q:how do gay gangsters do a drive by?
A: drive by in a pink escalade nd thow skittles out then yell taste the rainbow bitches (:. true story (:
feel better hun(:
Answered Nov 15, 2010
well I gave up on the suicide thing, but I still feel a bit desperate, I think it's mainly because I've got no friends, but one question, I didnt get the metaphor crystal_scheer , I mean the whole gangster thing, sorry my english is not good enough, if u could do a little explaining , wouldnt be bad. thank y all.
it was juss a form of a joke im not very good at em (:
kinda like my
do u like pokemon cuz I wana take a peek-at-chu ahah idk I get bored (:
Dear David
It is not time for you to die.
There is a plan for you. A plan that you alone can fulfil.
Some of the most compassionate and empathetic people suffer with depression at times.
Listen, I know where you are. Trust me.
I am praying for you right now...now!
I am praying that God will fill your room with His light and love as He visits you.
When He comes, ask Him this.....
"Lord God, hello. Please fill my heart with your spirit and give me new life.
I accept You and all your plans for me. I trust you and love you."
I guarantee He will visit you personally and give you more than you could ever imagine. He will give you eternal life, starting here on earth. Really, this is not all there is! Go for it.
This is the real christian experience. Wild eh?
Answered Feb 17, 2011
Edited Feb 17, 2011
I get it. It hurts. It hurts so badly. And yes that may be the easiest way to end the pain forever. Be cause after, you're nothing. But think about you're family. My friend and I went to her house once. Her sisters door was open, so we decided to go talk to her for advice about guys. She was on the ground with a pool around her. I held her while she cried for hours. We didn't even notice a note on her bed stand that said. "I'm sorry. I love you all, but it was time to end the pain". My friend went to therapy for a year. The pain may be over for you. But it's just beginning for others
Answered Sep 28, 2013

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