What are ehelp points?

what are ehelp points and what are they used for? I just started on here, so idk about it. also, how do you get them?
Asked Nov 11, 2010
The following answer was posted by Ryan, the site founder on reputation scores:

EHelp.com is a reputation based community. You can gain reputation scores by asking quality questions (clear and useful) and posting helpful answers. When other users vote your question or answer up, you will receive 5 points of reputation, but when they vote it down, you'll lose 2 points. If your post gets removed by the moderator/reputable users, you'll lose 20 points.
Answered Nov 12, 2010
Girll u should kno better!!! Jkk u kno I luv ya :P they r just reputation points, u get them when someone thinks that yurr question or answer was good :) does that answer yurr question sweetheart?? luv ya PEACE ;)
Answered Nov 13, 2010

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