I'm 16 years old and I look like a 12 year old.

people think im in year 7, and I can only get younger dates and its really annoying me now.
i have blonde long hair ( a bit longer than me shoulders)
and jst under 5ft

i'm sick of this.. what should I do?
Asked Nov 08, 2010
i had the same problem I just cut my hair short and put some wax in it and everyone said I looked like a 15 years old (i am 15 years old)
Normaly the problem is the face shape.

My friend had a baby face (chubby cheeks and a slightly round face I guess) but now she has a gorgous face shape because she has no chubby cheeks.

Unfortunatly, she's got an eating disorder. So I'm going to give you a better way of doing what she did without having a medical problem. Just exersise every day (Expecially face muscels) and do energetic things. You know the jig. If your skinny, still do it anyway. Because it'll lose wait on your face. But don't do what my best friend did, she doesn't eat. So she looks quite anorexic and she's probably hungry all the time so what I'm saying is don't change your eating plans too much, unless you're not skinny of corse.

But if that's not the problem maybe it's your size?

Same thing, exersise. Don't try to lose wait though, just do yoga and exersise every morning. It will help your bones grow. I tried doing this once, didn't last. I couldn't feel my legs the next morning.. I may have took exersising too far. Or I'm just lazy :3

Another thing (works with any issue you have that makes people think you're younger) to make you look older is:-

1) Wear makeup (not too much because you'd look stupid and make sure there are no lines because you'd look even younger then because you'd look like you don't know how to use makeup. So ask your close friend or family if your makeup looks okay before going out in public.

Watch videos on youtube of makeup tutorials to help.

2) Thin Eyebrows. Wax 'em off!! BWAHAHHA! Okay, not all of it obviously. Just make them look thin. Thick or big eyebrows makes people look younger.
But make sure it's done by a profesional, cuz I know this girl who has eyebrows the shape of a triangle and another girl who doesn't have any eyebrows at all because she accidently shaved them off. :/

3) Be mature. Not too mature, cuz you'd be boring. But don't be childish, just do what teenagers do.
WARNING WARNING - AVOID BOUNCY CASTELS.- I know. I'm sorry. Don't cry.

4) I hate to say this but swearing does make people seem older. Don't swear all the time though, like the idiots who swear every sentence (which makes them look like chavs) and don't say it randomly because it'll make it sound forced.

5) Smoke ciggerets.
That makes people look like oompa loompas ;) so don't smoke kids.

I better have an A for my long answer.
Answered Dec 03, 2012
Edited Dec 03, 2012
No more bouncy castles!?!? Ugh OK because I'm 13 but I look like a ten year old and I have big cheeck but I'm skinny and I hate it because I want to get to know ppl and when they see me they say I'm cute and I'm just like ik I get thatna lot
lolidk Mar 14, 2014
Cut your hair bit more... maybe it will look like your taller. Like , neck line
Answered Nov 08, 2010
im 14 and people think im 17 or 18 and that pissz me of cuz I have all these dudes on to me
Answered Jul 03, 2011
Poor you.

I've got all the characteristics you have, blonde long hair, 5ft and I'm 16.

BUT, Ive got the biggest cheeks and people always say I have a baby face. I get told a lot I look 12 but you know what when everyone is 30 looking like 35, at least we will look 25!!

Dont worry, its not a bad thing at all, it's just the way you look and you should be happy with yourself no matter what!!
Answered Sep 30, 2012
This kinda helped me too
lolidk Mar 14, 2014
cut your hair and wear clothes to make you look more mature.
Answered Oct 04, 2012
i have the same problem :/ annoying right? im 15 years old but I look like im bout 12 or even 11 cause I have curly hair and my hair is really long but i've got wriglets so it curls up to my neck but when I straighten my hair people think im 16 and 17 idk why that happens lol it's so annoying -_-
Answered Apr 22, 2013
Lol I had the same problem growing up everyday I had hold my hair rly tight to look straiten so people wouldnt think im 11 (when I was 15 )
omgg hahaha I do that !
amor_b Apr 30, 2013
I would love to fuck a girl who looked 12 that would be so sexy holding your tiny body the smaller the better perfect for riding sholders
myways Jan 01, 2014
Young people want to look older and old people want to look younger. It may be an aggravation now but the time will come in your life when you will be very happy to look younger than you are.
Answered Apr 30, 2013
Cut your hair like an emo scene hair and dress up like a grown up .
Answered May 04, 2013
i agree your suggestion I think its really works.
I would enjoy it! Then when you're 40, you'll look 25!
Answered May 04, 2013
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Answered Mar 26, 2017
change your dressing seance n hair style. I am damn sure my this suggestion solve your problem easily.

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Answered Jul 20, 2017
Edited Jul 20, 2017
I'm probably goin to have to.deal with same.or similar. My sis did and mom from what she says but my sis says thats why boys always breaking their neck when she around and that I shouldn't worry and think it'll be a problem. Fun size girls r us : )
Answered Dec 05, 2021

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