Emacs buffers manipulation.

What is Emacs buffer manipulation? Or I guess to simplify the question does anyone know why Emacs is? and if so can I plz get a detailed explanation of what it is? I'm taking a UNIX operating system class and having a discussion on Emacs buffers manipulation, plz help me out ASAP

Come on! I know somebody out there has to at least know what Emacs is, plz can anyone help me sooner than later I really need a detailed definition of what it is because I can't find any information on it on the internet and I know someone has to know what it is plz help!!!!
Asked Oct 25, 2010
Edited Oct 25, 2010
Emacs are programming editors for Unix. Buffers are areas of physical memory that hold different segments of the program. Windows are your view of the buffer. Files are contents of a buffer saved to disk.

Emacs have sets of commands for manipulating buffers, files windows etc.

Answered Oct 27, 2010
Edited Oct 27, 2010
Thank you so very much I managed to find little information on it but this really helped me out as well, thank you.

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