How to type the section sign from the keyboard?

I have no idea how to type the section sign (§) instead copy it from elsewhere and paste it.
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Asked Oct 23, 2010
The section sign is part of the extended ASCII code with a value of 167. There are no keyboard keys reserved for the extended characters but you may be able to type them by holding down the Alt key and typing '167' on the keypad with num lock on.

In HTML you can produce the section symbol with an ampersand followed by 'sect' like: '§'. You won't see the change until the script processes it.

In Visual Basic, 'Print Chr$(167)' would produce the section sign.

If the above doesn't work, search the help files for the software you're using for 'Type extended ASCII' to see if they've made any provisions for it.

Answered Oct 24, 2010
Edited Oct 24, 2010

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