What do I do?

im in love with this guy at my school we were together for about a year. we broke up but I still really badly love him. I try and talk to him but I am hated by all his mates and him himself what do I do
Asked Oct 21, 2010
Rejection is hard to deal with. It makes you want to prove to the person rejecting you that you are worthy and sometimes makes you believe that the relationship was a lot better than it really was. It also puts a sour look on your face so you're not attractive to others. You have to get over it and start looking ahead rather than backwards.

Put a smile back on your face and kill him with class.
Answered Oct 22, 2010
Edited Oct 22, 2010
Come on Rob, quit being such a lay-down and get to the facts of Why. You need to kill the fluff and give these people some hard love. Thats the only way they're going to grow. Find out more info before you sit on the lap of the one on the pity-pot. You are starting to piss me off. Do you want the rep. points or do you really want to help these people. Don't be so passive. There's always two sides to the story. And don't be a coddler. Shoot from the hip like Dr. Phil.
Why was the reason for the Break up?
And Also you said you're in School, you are young and have Many more years of love and break ups ahead of you, Pick up your chin take a deep breath and smile for you are Beautiful & You only are a teen once, make Great Memories for yourself.
FYI: Boys are like Hunters, if you chase it, it will run away, if you ignore it and don't Chase it, it will walk right up to you.
Answered Nov 06, 2010
i've been where u've been, and I know its hard but u have to realize he's not gonna come back. but if there's someone else who kinda interests u, i'd go after him, cuz i've found focusing on someone else makes it easier. also, i'd put this question under dating, go to family relationships or something and u'll get more answers
Answered Nov 29, 2010
There is more to this then what you are telling. What transpired to bring this to an end. Cause and effect. I personally need more information to give you a 'casual observers' view and an unbiased opinion to why this didn't work out. You need closure to move on. I sympathize with you but give me more info.
Answered Dec 01, 2010

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