How can I unblock facebook on a school computer?

How can I unblock Facebook on a school computer?My school blok everything. even proxy.
Asked Oct 21, 2010
yes I am and the teacher next to me said I can
moldy82 Nov 09, 2010
yes im am alouwd
moldy82 Nov 09, 2010
The teachers aren't going to be happy if you do, so don't you think? besides school blocks sites like that to keep everyone safe. But I have a question.... are you even allowed to go on facebook at school?
Answered Oct 21, 2010
THanks. but we always have 2 lessons free. soi we dny knw what to do. everybody play games. I want t wast tht time good. no playing games. soo if y know some good websites tell. Ë) tnx btw . :)))))))))))
fyfix Oct 22, 2010
There must be a reason why they have them blocked. Why don't you stop by that office and ask them?
Rob Oct 27, 2010
Here's a Proxy!

Answered Nov 04, 2010
Edited Nov 04, 2010
were allowed to go on facebook at my school all we have to do is press continue on the warning to enetering an unsafe site:DDDDD
Answered Nov 05, 2010
dam u cute
try this:
I use this and it works. Just write https instead of http and everysite works( best to use firefox)

Hope this helped

P.s: u might have to keep on writing https everytime u click on something)
Answered Feb 13, 2011

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