Can anyone summarize this article in the link

Can someone please summarize this article on repressed memories of childhood abuse in their own words. Thank you and god bless. Plz is there anyone at all that could possibly help me out by reading the article in the link providing below and summarizing it in their own words. Plz help me out because I have to right a 4 page paper summary on it and I only have some of it down and would love to get some more help on it
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Asked Oct 18, 2010
Edited Oct 19, 2010
It is basically about childhood abuse. If you get abused then you will need to contact childline or many other abuse site. Child abuse is common with alcohol or drug addicts it is were a child is badly criticised or bullied. Child abuse is mainly by adults. Children mainly get abused by their parents but it can happen with teachers or random people. If you watch children in need you can see a couple of the adverts explain it. Child abuse is horrible and is hard on children. Children should live like normal people. Abuse is when someone takes the mick out of who they are or just is generally nasty to them. Child abuse should be illegal and if it allready is then dam child abusers. Child abuse can sometimes cause death. A number of children have died of sadness, loneliness, hunger or have been attacked. The abuser is generally violent and threatens a lot. I hope you have found this interesting and it has answered your question. I couldn't bear to read that article as it was too long. And I gather you needed someone like me to summarise it for you.
Answered Nov 27, 2010

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