What is your view on global warming?

I would like to here what anyone knows about the effects of global warming, and what you think can be done to stop it. Please help with any detailed information that you have, thanks and god bless.
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Asked Oct 13, 2010
In my view, hinging environmental issues on temperature alone was about the worse strategy that could have been adopted. There is too little conclusive data to prove global warming one way or the other. They're saying temps have risen 6 tenths of a degree when you can't buy a thermometer at any price that will measure accurately within a degree. The vague picture the limited data paints leaves people to believe everything's OK when it's not.

Every single thing that has been recommended to deal with the global warming issue is something that needs to be dealt with, even if the globe is getting cooler. Carbon emissions pollute the air and air pollution will kill people on a cool day the same as a hot one. The issue isn't temperature, its pollution.

If not corrected, things like air and water pollution, rapid depletion of resources, deforestation and overpopulation will have the same long-term effect as the predicted rise in temperatures. Those are the strategic priorities that need to be at the top of the list.
Answered Oct 13, 2010
Ignorance, global warming was proved a myth, look it up😡
Answered Feb 21, 2016

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