Girl I like birthday to try and start something.

its recently been a birthday of a girl I like, I got her some expensive things to try and start something but I don't think she getting the picture what should I doo? she kinda recently stop talking to me too -- was she just after the free gifts ?
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Anonymous User
Asked Oct 05, 2010
Girls come in diffrent packages if you know what I mean.

Some Girls like alot of things other girs dont, but what im trying to say is that When you ask a girl out they act all weird after that because maybe they are embarassed or feel weird after you ask them something like that. Girls have all kind of mixed emotions and feel for diffrent people so maybe she just feels uncomfortable when she's around you. Its bound to be embarassing for you too? Trust me ive been in your situation before and it is embarassing! But perhaps she said yes? Thats what I dont get, they feel top of the world having a boyfriend/girlfriend but it's embarassing when they say no, know what I mean?

Girls, Treat them with respect because their not just a alien for another plannet, they are human just like us men/boys.
Answered Oct 05, 2010
Listen to The Beatles: "Can't buy be love..."
Answered Oct 05, 2010

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