I feel like everyones second choice, please help?

i have many many friends but I feel like everyones second choice, if my friends have a arguement with there closer friends then they come to me and treat me like there best friend but then when they sort it out I get left /: Its really childish and pethetic the way i'm being treated, I wear my heart on my sleeve and I put my friends and family first. Mabie I shouldn't but I feel that its the right way, ive been told by my mum that im very layed back and that i'm starting to grow up as now i'm starting to relize peoples ways and how I want to improve in my life. I have no idea what to do. My question is what should I do to let them know that i'm not a second choice? Please help
Asked Oct 04, 2010
Becoming a victim is a choice you make, not something others put on you.

Become the captain of your own ship and take over the wheel. It's not about the way your friends treat you, it's about how you treat yourself. Forget what they say and do and set some realistic goals for yourself and go to work on them. When you move out front, look over your shoulder, they'll all be following you.
Answered Oct 04, 2010
Wow, thanks that really helps :) I shall do it
DUDE. THE SAME FLIPPIN THING HAPPENED TO ME. its SOO annoying. because my best friend and I are no longer friends anymore. so what she does when its the end of the school day, she gets EVERYONE just so that im the one being lonely and miserable. and it really sucks. because I look retarded just sitting there. oyvae.
hahaha, soo yeaahhhh, I like the dude's comment before me. (:
Answered Nov 11, 2010
;) I'm glad i'm not alont hope your ok now :)
try and take control more like rob said. also, don't necessarily ditch these friends but also try and make new friends who will appriciate you more.
Answered Nov 11, 2010
Thanks :) Awesome idea

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