Help I really really really love this girl!

i really really really really LOVE this girl im not jokin I love her I dont stop thinkin bout her I love her with all my heart.... but one promblem IM A GIRL AS WELL!!!!! I cant stop thinkin bout her I dream bout her and I dont eat and drink I get high with her and see her all the time (if I dont see her I call her) I write songs bout her (all the time) im bi so is she I just dont have the guts to tell her im so shy I dont know y iv had lots of crushz and I was never afaid to ask them but this one I am really really really shy..... I cant stop thinkin bout her I cant go throw the day without hearing her voise other wise I dont do nothing I cant stop thinking bout her I love her I wood do anythin 4 her.(she even knows ill do anythin 4 he but she dont know I have a crush on her!) I love her with all me heart but im to shy to ask her out I will do anything 4 her id give her the world I LOVE HER SO MUCH I REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE HER but what do I do?
Asked Sep 24, 2010
Edited Sep 24, 2010
You should read the answers that were put up when you asked the same question 2 days ago.
Answered Sep 24, 2010
well I really need help rob I love her with all my heart im braking down here I want to be with her all the way
babe04 Sep 24, 2010
The key to success at anything doesn't have anything to do with what you want. Everybody wants a million dollars, does wanting help them get it? In a relationship, it takes two. You start out with two people wanting to make it work and both keep contributing until it does. But first, you have to have TWO people who want it.
Rob Dec 20, 2010
i think u should go&talk to her bot ur feeling face 2 face....if she try 2 ignore
juz kiss her..... try thiz 1st
Answered Oct 07, 2010
dont know im to scared
babe04 Oct 08, 2010
Awwwwe, I agree with loshaana just kiss hrr!!!! I would love if a gurl to just take control of me(in a good way) and just kiss me all over. and I think wat u said was really sweet
Answered Oct 16, 2010
im to scared to what if she says what are you doing!
babe04 Oct 24, 2010
ask her trust me it will be ok I don't even know if my love is a bi so just ask her xxxxx
Answered Dec 20, 2010
omg u should kiss her am in love wiv this girl in my school she is 1 year older than me (am 12 and in year 8) and I always think of her, we are friends we talk, but we had bout 3 arguements and it jus killed me I was sayin sorry but she didnt listen I tried phoning her she didnt pick up I texted her she didnt answer I wanted to kill my self at tht time but my bff got us back 2gther (as friends). but apparently if u fight, tht means u love eachother we smile, we talk, we hug but we are not even bff we always look at eachother I jus cant sleep without finkin of her so if I was u, I would go and kiss her I hope I could do tht but I dont even know if she likes me (btw am a bi) I really hope we will get together

p.s good luck wiv u and r crush :D
Answered Dec 20, 2010
I know this is a late answer but ill give it a go (:
I'm having the exact problem with this girl at my school.. I love her sooo mcuh and I can't tell if she feels the same about me. When we are around each other she always get really close to me and cuddles up next to me when we are sitting. I think that's a sign that she likes me too but I don't truly know D:
She tells me practically everything about her and she also tells me thing that some of her closes friends don't know. I am in deep love with as you are with you crush.

But my best guess for you is to play a game of 21 questions with her and as her if she would ever date you, or start off smaller then go bigger [:
And the answers about just kiss her and stuff are true.. but I understand that you are really shy, I am too. What I would try is when you guys are hanging out lean your head on her shoulder and just get like really to her face and that will give her a clue that you not only want to kiss her but be with her.
I'm going to rey this with my crush as well (:
Well Good Lock :)
-Paige <3
Answered Jan 08, 2012
Don't be embarassed by your feelings, but I would advise you not to go kiss her because she might get scared or freaked out, try and break it to her slowly, and hopefully she might feel the same way back!!!
Answered Apr 21, 2013
go see if shes a lesbian first you don't wanna scare the girl away
Answered Apr 21, 2013
That is so cute I know this sounds weird but I really think you should sing her your song. She'll think it'd sweet and you can get her to know the easy way.
Answered Aug 14, 2013
Tell her you like her
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