I really really really really love my bff

well I know I love my bff and I found that out when me mum said she is never comin back over here I was cryin my eyes out im bi (so is she) like everytime I see her I get butterflys in me stomick I have very strong feels for this girl I love her with all my heart but im to scared to ask her out I know this isnt a crush I cant sleep eat (really I cant mum has to make me eat and me crush wants to know y I dont eat I dont tell her y) drink I cry all the time cauze I miss her I call her all the time just to see what she is doin (ok its cauze im always worred bout her) well b4 (like I had a lil crush on her) my friend tolded her and like she said I dont have feelings towards you. we never talked if she was goin up the street and I was goin down she wood c me and get her phone out and petened that that I wasnt there and yer we never talked till holidays came up (me and her went swimming today!!!!) I love her with my heart I have never had feelings like this before, I write songs bout her all the time, she comes round, but I hide the songs that I make so she dont see them. today I went over to her place (we hanged out all day) and she got in a fight with her sister, and like she gets so angey u cant stop her and her mum and sister werent there only me and her and she went out for like 5-10 mins then I go to see what she is doing, and shez cutting herself I try to stop her. (it worked thank god) and we go in the room and shez cryin and really sad I really wanted to cry with her cauze I dont like seein her upset, I wanted to hug her but I didnt know if she wood hug me back, I did rub her on the back but yer she just didnt stop cryin. what do I do im to scared to ask her out but then again I really love her (right now im cryin cauze I can remember her cryin) I want to ask her out but im really really really really to shy to I write songs bout her and everything, I cant tell her cauze im to scared to... what do I do?
Asked Sep 22, 2010
Edited Sep 22, 2010
You don't need to do anything and you should never do anything you feel uncomfortable doing. Just continue being her friend and try to understand that you're body is undergoing hormone changes that makes your emotions crazy. Young people have a lot of emotional drama at that point. That will change, both of you will calm down and figure out where you fit in. Time is on your side. Let it help you.
Answered Sep 22, 2010
rob hate to say it but ur right
babe04 Sep 26, 2010
aw, i'm sorry. give it a little time, and maybe try flirting with her and stuff and see if she flirts back
Answered Nov 11, 2010
you love her with all your heart, and you've never felt like this before. Everything is great right, emotional experience for you.
Answered Jun 12, 2014
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you two should sex
Answered Apr 20, 2017

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