Is it possible to look through Night Vision Goggles with glasses?

Asked Sep 20, 2010
Answered Sep 20, 2010
Um how? Can you like adjust them in a way?
KC13 Sep 20, 2010
There are different types of infra-red goggles. Some are adjustable, some aren't. The ones made for glasses fit over your glasses. They are also available monocular (like a telescope) with a focus feature that can be adjusted to allow you to use them without your glasses even though your require glasses for your normal binocular vision. .
Rob Sep 21, 2010
KC13 Sep 22, 2010
Ask_Sean Says, Yeh just get them adjusted :D
Answered Sep 22, 2010
KC13 Mar 29, 2012
I think it's possible. The same basic thing that happens in the front of a tv is happening in a nv scope only in one color. Green is simply in the center of the spectrum of visible light, the amplifier sees visible and ir light and turns it into a stream of e- The amped particles hit the phos screen. since theyre all the same its monochromatic. the phos screen is the middle man between your eye and the electrons. Thescreenisgreen for this reason; green's easy for us to see. thats all.
Answered Mar 27, 2012
KC13 Mar 29, 2012
Yes, It's possible .If you want to buy night-vision Goggles with glasses, then is largest collections of night-vision products with competitive price.
Answered Sep 11, 2015

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