My phone connected to my pc is ok other phones when in use when pc is on there is stactic

i have four phones in the house they have stactic noise when I am on my pc the one phone that is connected to the pc is ok
Asked Sep 20, 2010
If you have a plastic box where the telephone service enters the house, open the box cover. There should be a line with the typical plastic telephone plug (RJ11). Unplug it and plug a phone into it. If the static is still on the telephone line, it's coming from outside your house and the issue is the telephone service provider's problem. If it's clear of the static at that point, the source of the static is coming from within your house.

If you have broadband DSL service and the source is from within your house, verify that the telephones are filtered properly to prevent the DSL signal from bleeding into the audio lines. All phones, fax machines or answering machines should have the small in-line filter and the PC connection should not.

If none of the above apply, I would next suspect corroded contacts somewhere in your system.
Answered Sep 20, 2010
Yes I think you are right, the phones are not fitted with DSL inline filter, the phone attached to the pc is, it came with the modem package.. Where can I purchase the DSL fittings.. if I do not hear from you again thank you for your help, I am most grateful
Wal-Mart sells them. You may have to order online and pick them up at your local store.
Rob Sep 20, 2010

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