I lost sql server password, how I can reset sql sa password?

I forgot my sql server password, and I need to get the sql sa password back, how can I retrieve my sql sa password? its SQL server 2005. Any advice is ok, I dont want to reinstall the SQL server, Thanks in advance.
Asked Sep 15, 2010
Hi, you can try to use command prompt to reset your lost password. I have used it to reset sql sa password successfully on sql server 2000/2005.
First, open a command prompt (Start -> Run -> cmd)
Then, type the follow commands, and press Enter after each line:
Osql –S yourservername –E
1> EXEC sp_password NULL, 'yourpassword', 'sa'
2> GO
It could help you. And I know a sql reset tool which can easily and instantly reset your sql sa password, you can try it also. http://www.passwordunlocker.com/sql-server-password-recovery.html
Answered Sep 15, 2010
For work with such problem I suppose that may use some special programs. For example the next of them, it owns some helpful facilities as far as I know for working out like troubles - http://www.recoverytoolbox.com/sql.html
Answered Apr 23, 2011
Edited Apr 23, 2011
Using the SQL Server Password Unlocker would be the greatest and easiest way to change the password you want, no matter it is admin account or commen user account. It could change it within just 1 min. And I have a youtube video for your better understanding.
Answered May 31, 2011
well, you can reset your sql server password with MS SQL Server Password Unlock. This efficient SQL Server password recovery tool helps you easily reset lost or forgotten SA password and other user account password on MS SQL Server 2008/2005/2000 in minutes.

Get more from :http://www.passwordunlocker.com/sql-server-password-recovery.html
Answered Sep 04, 2011
Forgot SQL Server password? I have found a article that offers 3 methods to change forgotten SA password for any version of SQL Server, It's easy to follow:
Answered Mar 03, 2012
Few months back, I also faced same problem and at that time I got this site which is mentioned below. It helps me a lot to reset SQL SA password. It smoothly runs on all versions of SQL Server like SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 and 2008 R2. So try it once and I am totally sure that it works very well and you can easily get a relief from this problem.

Take a reference from here:
Answered Apr 12, 2013
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Answered Jan 11, 2016
Powerful utility to access Master.mdf Database files. It can reset the administrator password of SQL Server along with other passwords.

See at: http://www.mannatsoftware.com/stellar-phoenix-sql-password-recovery.html
Answered Nov 08, 2016
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