When it comes 2 health insurance, would the 2nd one pick up the 1st one copay?

my son got [email protected] practice..his coach gave me the insurance info from the school. I gave it 2 the [email protected] hospital&Dr. office. the doctor office said the copayment was the patients responsibilitie. my question is:should'nt the school insurance pick up the copay from my (1st)insurance?
Asked Sep 11, 2010
Your argument makes sense. If your hospitalization insurance paid all of the bill except the co-pay, then what is the school's athletic insurance for? It could be that your primary insurer will bill the athletic insurance later. That is done with workman's comp sometimes on job related injuries.

I would talk to the school administration and get a copy of the athletic insurance contract if you can. They should understand what they're buying when they pay for the insurance.
Answered Sep 11, 2010

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