What is the relationship between the brain and behavior

Asked Sep 10, 2010
well if u want my own opinion I think tat learning sad(emotional) or scary behavior is a part of life when u r kid to learn wats good n so it'll affect its behavior later in his/her life and its a way to express ourselve to talk about our experiences about today or if some is insanely angry or something like that then sometime u need make it learn new things or u need to scare him to stop him from being an ass because bad people need attention.

i sound evil lol
im randomly posting tat.. I didnt study anything.. lol
Answered Sep 11, 2010
The brain inputs information through your senses and stores some of it in your memory. Behavior is how you react to things in your life based on the information coming in from your senses and past experiences. The behavioral output is altered by body chemistry and your ability to reason.

A person sees a dog in the street. Their memory reminds them of the time they were attacked by a dog. Their reasoning tells them this may be a repeat of the earlier attack. Their adrenalin starts to pump and they react. The behavior of different people would depend on their memory, emotional level and ability to reason out ways to avoid the dog.

Obviously, this is a very simplified answer. The function of the brain is very complicated and far from being well understood.
Answered Sep 11, 2010

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