How do entire movie downloads fit on a P/C

Just learning that you can download (or is it upload )entire movies to watch at home on my P/C. How?? What is Flash? and the other one they say you need to do it. Does it just go away after you've watched it (Ihope) It seems like it would take up alot of space and so slow my compucter down, Currently using Windows Vista I'm terrified to try this because it just seems incredible, (Poor theatres)
Asked Sep 02, 2010
Edited Sep 02, 2010
There are various ways you can download movies onto your computer, some legally and some not so much.

Legal ways: You can buy movies online from places such as itunes which I believe will download to your computer (not sure dont use it) or you can stream movies over the internet to your computer via somewhere like Streaming will not download the movie to your computer.

If you do want to download the movie to your computer they will have different sizes depending on the quality of the movie ie. if its High Definition(HD) then the file size will most likely be very high.

Not so legal: Torrents, but I wont get into that.

Hope this helps.

Also having things saved on your hard drive shouldn't slow down your computer alot it just takes up space. Processes in the background slow down your computer.
Answered Sep 02, 2010
get a USB Stick or a hardrive or delete downloads and viruses on your computer, then you will get more memory space. Or Try and delete the things you don't need, (not paper work and important things)



Answered Dec 19, 2012

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