Im a girl and I like another girl would moves should I make if any?

Im 15 years old I like this girl and have liked her since 6th grade and im a freshman now... we havent really gotten in any convorsations and I see her around alot what moves should I make beside just talking to her and also around just her im shy usaully im verry verrry verry outgoing ill go up to anyone and tell them what I think about them but I get butterflies when im around her<333 helpp much aperricated
Asked Aug 31, 2010
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Answered Sep 01, 2010
actaully everyone has a different situation
Then why don't you explain what's different in yours. I find a number of questions that ask how one girl should approach another girl and don't see anything beyond that in the above text.
Rob Sep 01, 2010
if your not going to help stop commiting
You missed the whole point. It's not that nobody wants to help you, it's that we've answered the same question over and over. Instead of you taking a few minutes to read what's up here on the subject, you seem to want everybody to retype the same answers again for you.

Sorry, you have no control over whether anybody here comments or not. Instead of whining about what I said, ask yourself why nobody else has answered your question.

Rob Sep 11, 2010
sexy girl in my hole life im gona suke her tits
Answered Dec 02, 2010

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