How can I be less shy and awkward around girls?

hi I am a 13 year old male and every 100 years or when the all planets aline, causing the blue moon to cover the sun making every being on earth to black out for 5 minutes. a girl will like me, and I will like her too, after we actually get round to admitting it I always get incredibly shy around her and feel really awkward and I go really quiet, I am usually very relaxed and calm around girls and they say that i'm nice, funny and witty but as soon as I start to like them I get really shy, awkward and quiet around them. also it is weird I sort of get back to normal at night, like at a sleep over at my friends and she happends to be there but I can't exactly avoid them until night time can I!? so please please help me I don't want to be alone forever. :(
Asked Aug 30, 2010
Dude calm down first you need to make friend with a girl and then just get to know her. I've been there its simple. Just start talking to girls like they're one of your male friends you'l lsee its so simple and easy to do. Girls are complicated but you'll easily be able to understand them when you calm down so don't be nervous just be yourself bro. YOU CAN DO IT! :)
Answered Sep 09, 2010
hahah just be yourself, and if you like the girl just start talkin about any random thing. I mean really, its not the hard. (:
Answered Sep 11, 2010

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