I need relationship help!

Uh yer... hi i'm a girl and I have a boyfriend at the moment. BUT I think I have fallen out of love with him. I never really want him to be around me much and I feel bad but thats just the way I think. He irritates me when he's around, I DONT EVEN KNOW WHY!!. The worst part is ive been going out for him for 1 yr 3 months. =[ I need to break up with him but I just cant bring myself to do it. And thats only half my issue. Ive been spending alot of time with one of my best friends (girl) And then a rumour spread around the school saying that I was a les with her, I denied it of course but ever since then I have been thinking that maybe I really do like her alot. And also my Boyfriend doesn't like her but I wish to remain friends with him, but if I break up with him and end up with her (which is a possibility coz she said she could be bi) then he'll hate me.

F**K I need help!!!!!
Asked Aug 30, 2010
The difference between the behavior of a child and an adult is that children's behavior is driven completely by emotion and an adult has learned to control their behavior with their mind. In other words, to do what makes sense instead of reacting to how they feel. The teen age years are a transition between the two.

Your question reads like you're about half way through the process. All of the chatter among your friends is only confusing the issue. There is no reason for your personal life to be public information.

If you need to dump your boyfriend, OK but calm down your emotions and try to figure out where you fit in. Time is on your side. It's more important to get it right than than to rush into something you're not ready for.
Answered Aug 30, 2010
if he does that well do it he doesnt have to like her but doesnt mean he cant be friends with you thats just bull shit his a jurk be with the one you want not the one who tells you what do to do its your life you chose what path you want to go good luck
Answered Oct 14, 2010
Act maturely and don't ever brake up with one but be sincere to speak the through and understand the situation of now to help both of you make a rite decision.
Chris Joseph
Answered Oct 27, 2010

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