Describe issues associate with communication systems and freedom of speech

In short what I'm asking is if anyone can describe the issue's associated with communication systems and freedom of speech, Please help with any information anyone can give, thank you and god bless. This topic is under the category of computer ethics, just to let everyone know.
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Asked Aug 25, 2010
Many of the issues go back to the basic question of, what is the Internet? Is it like a magazine subscription where, once you subscribe, you have no control over the content you receive or does the fact that your computer is your personal property mean you should have complete control over what goes into it. The jury is still out but the former seems to be winning.

Some Issues:
Does Freedom of Speech make classified and sensitive information free game for anybody capable of gaining unauthorized entry to a web site? Does it allow anyone capable to put software on your computer for the purpose of spying on you or rendering your machine inoperable? Does it allow advertisers to use your email for unsolicited advertising? Does it prevent the government from controlling the distribution of materials that are below the public standards of decency?
Answered Aug 25, 2010

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