Ethical and legal issues that surround the utilization of the internet by businesses and individuals

Basically I need someone to summarize the ethical and legal issues that surround the utilization of the Internet by businesses and individuals. Plz help with any detailed information that you can give, thank you and god bless.
Asked Aug 23, 2010
The central issues with the Internet, both ethical and legal, are that it operates without borders. It is near impossible to control by law because of the anonymity it offers in both identity and location. A person or business can be anything or anybody they want to be on the Internet with almost no consequence.

The lack of borders and controls make the Internet void of ethical standards also. Behaviors that would never take place in an environment where people meet face-to-face are common on the web. Surely not every computer user or online business is without ethics but the net effect is don't trust anybody.

When you log onto the Internet, values like truth, integrity, honesty and decency vanish like dust in the wind.
Answered Aug 23, 2010
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Answered Jan 30, 2014

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