Next step with a girl I like?

ok, so a mate of mine knew a girl who gave him her number and invited him to a party at hers. etc. Nothing happened.
few weeks later we were all out clubbing, he asked for a kiss and she didnt give it to him.
I then started dancing, and we kissed the rest of the night. I told my mate but he didnt seem pleased. The girl gave me her number, we texted that night for a bit, just general chat. I know her not well, but we sort of just know of each other through friends.
The thing is, my mate likes her, and do i. She kissed me, but im worried she'll go to him as she gave him her number one day for no reason. Although she did reject him, and kiss me then on the spot. Ive been chatting to her for hours since via text and also on msn, and we seem to be getting on great. Were heading out some time again, so hopefully il get another chance with her. Thing is, shes moving away in 7 weeks to uni, so im not sure if we can really make a relationship out of it. Need some help on what I should do?
Asked Aug 22, 2010
If there is anything between you and the girl that might be permanent, it will survive time, distance and competition from other guys. My suggestion would be to see her as much as you can and when she leaves, keep the communication link open. Just don't set your expectations so high that it will be a big downer if it doesn't work out.
Answered Aug 22, 2010

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