How to change from a 32 bit hardware system to a 64 bit hardware system

i have a 32 bit hardware computer and I want to upgrade to 64 bit hardware. how do I do this? is it as simple as changeing my mother board and cpu? please advise as to the best solution to my problem.
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Asked Aug 20, 2010
You are correct, you would have to change the CPU and motherboard. Depending on the power requirements of the new board, you might have to upgrade the power supply also.

If your current system is older, you will also have to deal with issues like making sure the current box will allow enough air flow for the additional heat, physical locations of USB connectors and graphic card compatability. Rather than try to navigate all of the differences between an old machine and a new 64 bit, I'd get a new box and start from scratch. You can still save some money by putting it together yourself but the supplier could put together a package designed to work together that would let you avoid all of the compatibility issues.

Answered Aug 20, 2010
thank-you Rob. I wasn't sure. this answer will be very helpful. it is nice to know that there are pleseant helpful people out there, of coures there are those others out there also. (if you know what I mean and I do mean "MEAN", "REALLY MEAN"!!!)
van5533 Aug 20, 2010
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Rob Aug 20, 2010

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