What was Africa's political development in the last 10 years?

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Asked Aug 17, 2010
Africa is gradually outgrowing the effects of colonial and economic exploitation and is in the process of taking control of its own affairs but with considerable difficulty. A few countries like South Africa have made progress but most continue to struggle with political development.

The extremely unequal distribution of wealth has allowed political leaders, some elected and some empowered by force to inhibit political development to their own benefit. Many well meant attempts to help the people of Africa have only enriched their political leaders.

For those countries, the past ten years have been a struggle between different political and religious factions trying to find ways to make government work in an environment of extreme poverty, a rampant AIDS epidemic, populations powerless to deal with the armed militias and a world that considers sub Saharan Africa at the bottom of its list of priorities.

Answered Aug 17, 2010
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